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8 Denim Shops Worth Collecting

8 Denim Shops Worth Collecting.British nautical style.Double came again! The spring and summer collaboration series of UNIQLO x JW ANDERSON is on the stage again. This time, the design inspiration also comes from England. Based on the British seaside and nautical culture, the collaboration series with the theme of “Home of the Sea” is launched. This season still continues UNIQLO’s proud waterproof function and mesh material, with classic colors such as navy blue, orange, graphite gray and light mint green, creating a strong British style.


Every year in the JWA series, there are some styles that are very worth buying (more fragrant Uniqlo JWA joint name is coming again during the discount? These 4 men’s clothes are very worth buying ~ close your eyes and rush!), such as the past polar fleece jackets and Corduroy trousers are very good items.

Men’s Recommended Styles

Next, I will recommend a few styles that are worth buying. Friends who like it can also wait. After all, Uniqlo is still discounted when it is the most fragrant~

This cooperation series will be on sale on March 18, you may wish to add it to the shopping cart first, and then set the alarm clock to start directly.

First of all, I recommend a jacket suitable for commuting and daily leisure, item number 447358. This hooded jacket is cut with a silhouette, and the version is very three-dimensional. The effect of the model’s upper body is very good, and it can modify the figure well. This navy blue color is also very easy to wear. It can be used for commuting and daily leisure. Some of the details are also very pleasing and worth buying.

The next step is to recommend a short-sleeved POLO shirt that is very suitable for summer wear, item number 448837. This polo shirt is crafted from cotton piqué with a relaxed, coarse-knit feel, giving it a firm but comfortable upper body. The collar also has a striped design, which is very retro-style. Many friends need clothes with collars in their work scenes, and this POLO shirt is a good choice. The first recommendation is navy blue and milky white, which are easier to match, and the size ranges from xs to 4xl, suitable for all kinds of body shapes.

casual jeans
The jeans of this cooperation series are also very worth choosing, item number 448121. Uniqlo’s jeans series has always been one of the first choices of many friends, and the price is very high. The jeans launched in this cooperation adopt the slightly flared version that has been popular in recent years. The trousers have a raw edge design for a very street style. Friends who want to modify the lines of the legs and want to lengthen the proportions of the legs, you might as well try it~ The effect is absolutely amazing!

loose striped shirt
The shirts in the annual cooperation series are also fixed styles. This time I highly recommend this loose striped shirt, item number 447099. Cut for a loose fit, this loose striped shirt is comfortable to wear alone or layered. The stitching design of the striped pattern of the same color, coupled with the Cuban collar design of the neckline, gives people a yuppie impression, which is very worth starting~

This article is the first article of the domestic light, mainly men’s spring and summer jeans, and a collection of men’s and women’s spring and summer clothing stores will be launched later. If you like it, don’t miss it, welcome to collect, like, and follow Hu Kankan Sanlian. Kankan produced, quality assurance.

This article collects some Taobao Gold Crown stores, which are very famous in the jeans circle, and some Tmall stores are also very good products, listed for your convenience. The style is generous and practical, suitable for any body shape, and the price is always cheap. If you just need it, consider getting it.

Jeans, as a single item of clothing, no matter who is in the wardrobe, there will always be a few pairs, or there will always be a period of time in a year, when you wear jeans every day.

In recent years, my body has improved a lot, and I have lost more than 30 pounds. So I turned out some jeans, especially those that I didn’t dare to wear before had high requirements on the figure, but now I can control them.

Jeans also have the following concepts, which are relatively simple. Let me introduce.

washed cow
In the process of weaving denim, in order to strengthen the tension of the fabric, a layer of pulp will be hung on the surface. And this layer of pulp is definitely there, and the next step will make the jeans go in two directions: the undesized raw cows are sold, processed and washed for sale, and most of the washed ones will pass through. Do the old treatment, because more people like it!

The one above is the washed cow, Gstar Raw elwood 5620.

Washing buffalo, this kind of jeans is what most of us wear every day. When it leaves the factory, it has undergone a series of treatments such as desizing, anti-shrinkage, color fixing, and aging before it is sold to the outside world. Because this kind of jeans has been desizing, it is relatively softer and more comfortable, and there is no need to do some raw cow treatment in the future. It is especially suitable for daily life, and many products from well-washed manufacturers are not It will be less or even better than raising your own cattle.

Raw cow! The so-called raw cows are basically the original color without desizing, and some will help to do desizing treatment.

And the first step for many raw cows to buy home is to let it desizing and remove the layer of pulp, which will make the fabric slightly softer, and the jeans after desizing will shrink by about 3% to 10%, because Raw cows are not shrink-resistant!

This article is still mainly about washing cows. Raw cows need time and mood. Now people are more impetuous, and it is difficult for me to do it. I usually choose some brands with better washing effect.

Red ears

The red of the red ear represents the red color, and the ear represents the edge of the fabric. Red-ear jeans are suitable for rolled-up cuffs, as a delicate red dotted line is exposed. Of course, there are also people doing dashed lines in other colors.

In fact, the red ear is the denim fabric from the old-fashioned woven loom, and the cloth on both sides has been wrapped by the edge when it comes out. The clothes and pants made of this kind of edging cloth have a shrinkage rate of about 10%, which is relatively stable.

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