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Japanese comprehensive beauty website Cosme.com shopping guide

Japanese comprehensive beauty website Cosme.com shopping guide.Speaking of cosme Beauty Awards twice a year, I must be familiar with beauty-loving MM or men who pay attention to this topic. Every year, cosme will bring you a lot of cosmetics with good reputation and affordable prices, such as Mann. Dan’s makeup remover, CANMAKE’s blush, Panasonic’s hair dryer, Shiseido’s brushes, etc.

I really have a super strong ability to grow grass. Liangliang will definitely pay attention to the list every year, and I have cut a lot of hands for this. (Wallet Jun said that Yali is very hot and lively: Japan’s comprehensive beauty website Cosme.com has no shopping guides~) But looking at so many good things, many MM will be very distressed and don’t know where to start, which is troublesome Usually, I will look for a purchasing agent, but the purchasing agent of a treasure is not only deep, but also very pitiful.

Although Cosme has also opened a flagship store in a certain cat, the things are really not as complete as the official website, and the discount is not enough. So since I developed the habit of overseas shopping, Liangliang has always done it himself~ My grandfather said it well, I am not afraid of starving to death when I work by myself!

So this time, Liangliang also specially brings you the registration and live broadcast of the purchase process of Cosme.com, a well-known Japanese super beauty website (the small hand kuakua is chopped up~) After all, Japanese is not like English, just guess it. I hope I can help the girls who need it~~ But since LZ himself doesn’t understand Japanese very well, please bear with me if there is any inadequacy, and pat it gently~~~ I’m so nervous~

A brief introduction to Cosme.com is Japan’s largest comprehensive beauty website. Its website covers everything from skin care, beauty, hair to body care products. It also relies on real user reviews, interactions and exchanges to achieve annual results. 2 times of beauty awards, and is deeply loved by Japanese girls.

【Enter comse Japan official website】

The page is simple and clear. Basically, it is composed of katana text. If you can’t understand the painting, you can probably understand it with a score of 7.8~

This layout is not much different from some domestic beauty websites. It does not have the gorgeous page that uses many special skills like Duang, but it can also make it easy for people to find what they want to see. Compared with the current web pages with one picture on one page, Liangliang still prefers this pragmatic style~

If you came in for the first time and just strolled around, Liangliang recommends that the three tabs below the focus map can be taken a closer look. Generally speaking, the products in the third “Popular List of Users” are relatively powerful during this period.

Oh, for example, HR’s makeup remover and sample set are on sale during this time, including 50ml of makeup remover, 26g of cleanser, and a bunch of samples, only 3240 yen or about 168 yuan, domestic purchasing agent Take it apart and buy it for double the price! Tsk ~ tsk ~ That price is so beautiful that I dare not watch the hot live broadcast: Japanese comprehensive beauty network Cosme.com shopping guide

In addition, there is currently an ANNIVERSARY Party 2015 event. The shipping fee has been adjusted from the original 5,400 yen free shipping to only 1,500 yen. ! Similar activities will generally appear on the top bar on the homepage, and those who have subscribed to the activity email will also receive it~

In addition, if you can understand Japanese, the various beauty albums updated by cosme are very interesting. You will find that the topics of many domestic beauty magazines are similar to those here. It is probably a reference to each other~


【Cosme.com registration】

Having said so much, now let’s talk about the most important point, which may also be the registration and login issues that most value friends are most concerned about.

1. Registration
Since cosme is a membership system, all purchases will be rewarded with points. In addition, new users who register for the first time can also get an additional 500 yen coupon, which can be cashed out within the shopping period~

A. Fill in the basic information
If you are a new user, after clicking Register, you will enter the registration page, and you can fill in the relevant information according to the prompts:

As long as you have registered for Japan Transshipment, you will get the transit address, phone number, zip code and other information. Basically, this step is not difficult. If there is no transit, you can check out the experience sharing at Aunt Zhang Station~~

Although it is not difficult, there is one thing worth mentioning! ! Remember that you must fill in the birthday, because it is one of the required information to be retrieved after you forget the password. If you forget it after filling it in by mistake, it will be troublesome to retrieve the password again, so don’t be sloppy. what! ! Hot Live: Shopping Guide on Cosme.com, Japan’s Comprehensive Beauty Network

b. Information confirmed

After filling in, you will enter the confirmation page, verify the content, and if there is no problem, you can click [Login] to complete the registration. Isn’t it very simple~ Haha hot live broadcast: shopping guide of Japan’s comprehensive beauty network Cosme.com

2. Login:
If you have successfully registered a friend, you can find the [Login] page on the homepage to log in.

After logging in, there will be a jump, you can click the name at the top, enter your account, view your order, and get coupons and points and other information.

【Notes on the use of discounts after order cancellation】

If the order is cancelled in its entirety: the coupon can be returned and re-used within the period

If the order is partially canceled: Coupon is available for the item left, and the coupon will be used. The coupons that are left are not used, then the coupons can also be returned and reused.

So when you place an order, see if you have a coupon you can use~

After a brief introduction to the registration and login information, then you can start shopping overseas as you like~ Hot live broadcast: Japanese comprehensive beauty network Cosme.com shopping guide

【Start shopping】

Since it is in Japanese, many value friends may not be used to it, so I will briefly introduce the browsing of the website~~including “category browsing” and “search browsing”.

It can be seen that the classification is still very comprehensive, covering all aspects from head to toe. You can click into the near category to see more detailed categories. For example, the [Basic Skin Care] category is as follows:

Basically, this classification order is classified according to the basic order of daily care, and it is very detailed. There are some products with multiple functions that are not well classified, such as BIODERMA’s makeup remover toner, which also has a certain basic toner effect with makeup remover, so it is classified into the category of “comprehensive makeup remover”. Several [Comprehensive/Multifunctional] are basically the same.

【Search and browse】

1. Brands without Chinese characters
Next, let’s talk about search, because this website basically uses katakana, that is, it will translate English into Japanese and write it, so it is not very useful for searching in English. The display is ‘ハーバー’, which is more laborious for those who don’t know Japanese. The reliable way is to stick it in the notebook once it is found, which is convenient for daily search.

2. Brands with Chinese characters
But if the thing you are looking for is in Chinese, it is relatively simple. For example, for the brand ‘Juzhengzong’, you can directly enter Chinese to search, which is more convenient. There are also ‘Shiseido’ and ‘Heilongtang’. And so on the brand.

When you finally choose what you want to buy, you can click on the product to enter the purchase process~ Hot live broadcast: Japanese comprehensive beauty network Cosme.com shopping guide

【Purchase goods】

Take this beauty instrument that I have been wanting to buy for example. Yesterday, I read Auntie’s recommendation, compared the price, and decided to use it to write a guide. For details, please refer to Auntie Zhang’s recommendation post. ~

1. Add to cart

After confirming the quantity, click Add to Cart and you will be redirected to the shopping cart interface

If you want to enter something else, you can click “Continue Shopping” on the left. If you check out directly, just click the jump to enter the payment page.

2. Payment
A. Confirm payment information

If you are not busy when you pay, you will see that a handling fee has been added to the price. This is because the default payment method is cash on delivery, so an additional handling fee will be charged. Click “Change Payment Method” to add a credit card for payment. ~

B. Add a credit card
Enter your own card information on the credit card page, you can directly identify the type of credit card, UnionPay cards are not supported at present, if it is not a multi-currency card, the process of “Japanese to US” will be carried out, even if it is JCB. Live: Japan’s comprehensive beauty website Cosme.com shopping guide

C. Add coupons
After adding the credit card, you will see it. The handling fee has been removed from the “Feeding” side. If you still have coupons in hand, click the box below the credit card item to add coupons or use points.

If you find that you bought the wrong product and don’t want it anymore, you can basically cancel it for free before delivery. Just tick the item you want to cancel and click Cancel the order. However, if you want to return the goods after delivery, it is another matter. I will write that guide when I have time~ Hot live broadcast: Japanese comprehensive beauty website Cosme.com shopping guide

The above is basically a complete set of purchasing links. Finally, let’s talk about delivery on the issues that everyone cares about~

【delivery problem】
Generally speaking, the delivery time is written on the product page. For example, this beauty instrument is placed before 16:00 Japan time on the same day, and it can be sent on the same day. If the order is not placed on the same day, it will usually be shipped the next day. Hot Live: Shopping Guide on Cosme.com, Japan’s Comprehensive Beauty Network

If there are special circumstances, it is necessary to delay delivery, etc., the specific delivery time will be indicated here, and everyone should pay attention to it.

Generally, if it is a transshipment company in Osaka Prefecture or a transshipment company in Tokyo, it can arrive in 1 day, but if it is in Hokkaido, it will take 2 days (but does this have it?) Haha~~~ In addition, you can also check the specific time. The shipping details page, there is a map and delivery time display, so considerate, is there? ~ Hot live broadcast: Japanese comprehensive beauty network Cosme.com shopping guide

The above is the specific live broadcast of my shopping this time~~ I don’t know if everyone has seen it or not? This is the first time to write, and I don’t know if there are any omissions. If you have any questions, please share more in the comments~~ Hahaha, thank you for joining Ben Liangliang’s first experience sharing~~Mah~ ~~Hot Live: Japan’s comprehensive beauty network Cosme.com shopping guide

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