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Talking about “jeans” professional households Washed jeans

Talking about “jeans” professional households Washed jeans.Of course, there are friends who like and friends who oppose, seeking common ground while reserving differences. At the same time, due to space problems, we cannot cover too many things, so there are some choices. I hope you all understand. Some friends from Zhihu said that they have seen it, and indeed it was posted by myself, because some friends suggested that sending it to SMZDM might help more friends, so I came here and posted it. But it has also come under scrutiny. After adding some content, I posted the later “Men’s Jeans Selection and Dressing Suggestions”.

Maybe some of the experience about jeans since then is that SMZDM is the first. Not much, just hope it helps smzdmers when shopping for jeans. In addition, due to SMZDM, it is impossible for me to reply to each of them, I hope everyone will understand.

In “Men’s Jeans Selection and Wearing Suggestions”, everyone has a lot of doubts and raised various questions. If you reply alone, you cannot benefit more friends. Therefore, it may be possible to post articles in the experience section to talk about personal feelings. Still that sentence, the words of a family, the point of view is never neutral. Only represents the current personal aesthetic.

Maybe every few years I will look at me and despise my existing views. So, please don’t go to the horns. I agree with a friend’s point of view. I apologize to all smzdmers for misleading everyone. Once again, AF1 is indeed a basketball shoe, not a sneaker. Because of my personal opinion, I have never played basketball in AF1 (I don’t play basketball), and my friends around me have not played basketball in AF1, but some friends who play boards wear AF1. Nevertheless, I still deeply apologize and hope that everyone will be tolerant and understanding of my ignorance. Grateful!

Introduction of washed jeans:
The origin of washed jeans, there is no more investigation, just based on personal observations, when LeviStrauss, the founder of levis, produced the first batch of canvas pants overalls (jeans), there were no washed pants. of. The reason why there are later washed pants. It was a product that appeared later based on the color fading produced by cattle raising (that would be considered cattle raising if worn by gold panners for a long time).

A friend asked what happened to raising cattle. This is a sensitive topic, and when I say it, some people will criticize me. I’m just talking about fading. The issue of color fading is mentioned a little in “Suggestions for Choosing and Wearing Men’s Jeans”. Everyone, pay attention to the wrinkles that appear in your jeans when you are walking, sitting or any activity. Yes, it is the wrinkles that cause the color of the fabric to fall off after a long time of fabric friction. Of course, it is impossible to notice it for a moment.

If you are wearing a pair of raw jeans. After such a long time of friction, the lines will eventually appear. That texture is actually the washed texture that I want to express here.

The following two pictures are the comparison before and after use of Levis 501 Original Fit Shrink To Fit Jean (Levi 501stf for short, official website here).

The washed texture of the original color jeans after long-term wear. (must wear more and wash less, otherwise the texture will not be clear)

After PS development, the washed pattern above the knee is called cat whiskers, and the knee (back) is called honeycomb.

How to choose a good washed jeans:
Okay, let’s get down to business, how to choose a good pair of washed jeans.

There are two washable pants in my mind. One pursues true color fading, that is to say, the pattern of washed trousers pursues the kind of pattern developed by cattle. (Ten years ago, legend has it that a Thai businessman put fake Levis primary color pants for coconut workers to wear, and then sell them after wearing out the lines). The other is the pursuit of washed art, which has nothing to do with reality. In this regard, street brands may do better. Of course, it doesn’t matter which is better or worse, it’s just personal preference.

Everyone pay attention to observe and compare the water wash between PRPS and NBHD, and then compare with the development of 501stf color fading, you will find that PRPS pursues the true color fading. While NBHD is obviously unreal, it is obvious that the cost of PRPS is much greater than that of NBHD.

At the same time, in “Men’s Jeans Selection and Matching Suggestions”, an SMZDMer said that washed ones are more valuable. What I said when I answered him: This is also the reason why most washed pants are worthless!

Washing is not so easy.

Questions about buying washable pants:
As far as the above PRPS and NBHD are concerned (just a few selected, not absolute, each has its own specialties, but basically PRPS also has NBHD type, and NBHD also has PRPS wash type), it is more difficult to buy It’s PRPS instead of NBHD, which is one of the reasons why many people say that wearing PRPS can’t look good. The natural color fading comes from raising cattle. Cow raising is an extremely personal thing, and the lines you develop belong to you. some.

The way you live, the intensity of action, the intensity of work, etc., will affect your final development effect, so when you develop a pair of pants, it is completely suitable for you. When you sit down, there will be corresponding folds in the whiskers. causation. But when it comes to PRPS, it’s a direct way to wash the pants with fakes. Then the size will match, but the texture will not match the folds that appear when you wear it. It was really a chance for Gu to choose a 100% match.

At the same time, when you wear pants like NBHD, the pattern (a lot of knives and seams to mend fine spots and other elements) has little effect. It is just a decoration in itself. It has nothing to do with the washing pattern. rivets.

At the same time, I would like to give you a suggestion. The washed cattle produced by the domestic blue cloth house is basically the routine of NBHD. Of course, the skills are still lacking.

The two brands mentioned above are leaders in their related fields. There is no meaning of superiority or inferiority. Just two directions. Everyone can have a preference when they choose. Taking the AMEKAJI route is of course PRPS, and taking the street trend is of course NBHD.

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