Home Apparel “Anaheim City Council Greenlights Disneyland’s Massive $1.9 Billion Expansion, Decision Pending Final Vote”

“Anaheim City Council Greenlights Disneyland’s Massive $1.9 Billion Expansion, Decision Pending Final Vote”

The Anaheim City Council unanimously endorsed the Disneyland Forward project, a comprehensive $1.9 billion expansion plan for Disneyland, after a lengthy public hearing that spanned eight hours into early Wednesday morning. The proposal, which aims to develop and enhance the theme park without expanding its current footprint, now awaits a decisive vote scheduled for May 7.

During the public hearing, which commenced on Tuesday evening, numerous stakeholders including local residents, Disneyland employees, and representatives from neighboring cities discussed both the benefits and concerns associated with the expansion. The plan proposes to repurpose approximately 57 acres of existing parking and vacant areas to accommodate new attractions, hotel rooms, and entertainment facilities.

Anaheim Mayor Ashleigh Aitken expressed enthusiasm about the project’s potential to invigorate the city, stating, “When Disneyland grows, Anaheim thrives. Last night’s vote to approve the DisneylandForward Plan will benefit Anaheim for decades to come. The plan will provide important funding to the City of Anaheim to build affordable housing, enhance parks, and improve infrastructure.”

Key to the project’s commencement is the modification of land-use policies, slated to be finalized 30 days post-approval. As part of the agreement, Disney will invest $40 million to acquire three road segments surrounding the resort: Magic Way, Hotel Way, and a portion of Clementine Street. This move is intended to streamline access to key Disney facilities, including the Disneyland Hotel and employee parking.

Disneyland Forward serves as a blueprint for the future evolution of Disneyland, detailing where and how new developments will be executed on land already owned by Disney.

Previously, on March 11, Disney advanced its ambitious renovation plans for Disneyland through a 5-1 approval from the Anaheim City Planning Commission. Despite initial resistance and extended deliberations, the proposal, known as DisneyForward, envisions a significant transformation of the iconic theme park by integrating mixed-use amenities and attractions.

Disney is eager to secure final approval from the Anaheim City Council by the end of 2024. The DisneylandForward initiative was first introduced in 2021, with Disney executives disclosing further details in 2023. An economic analysis conducted by Cal State Fullerton projects that every $1 billion invested by Disney in the resort’s updates and expansions will create over 4,000 jobs and generate $1.1 billion in economic output during the four-year construction phase. Additionally, according to the Los Angeles Times, the investment will subsequently yield $253 million annually in economic output, $15 million in tax revenue, and 2,292 jobs.

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