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WWE Raw’s Viewership Dips But Still Tops Cable Ratings, Outperforms WNBA Draft

On a competitive Monday night, WWE Raw managed to secure the top spot on cable despite strong competition from the WNBA Draft, drawing 1.81 million viewers with a 0.61 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

The WNBA Draft, highlighted by the anticipated selection of Caitlin Clark as the first pick, garnered a significant 2.45 million viewers and a 0.58 demo rating. Impressively, these numbers surpassed those typically seen during WNBA championship series games.

Despite its victory on cable, Raw experienced a decline from its recent performances. Following the pattern of a spike in viewership post-WrestleMania and a subsequent robust showing, ratings tend to normalize before decreasing further into the NBA playoffs. This trend is likely to continue, with expectations of a viewership boost on April 29 for the WWE Draft episode.

In comparison to other network television offerings, Raw outperformed every program including the top entertainment rival on cable, “90 Day Single Life,” which attracted 1.07 million viewers and a 0.17 demo rating. Following the WNBA Draft, an NHL game on ESPN drew 439,000 viewers and a 0.14 rating.

Raw’s viewership saw a 23 percent drop and a 27 percent fall in the 18-49 demographic from the previous week’s post-WrestleMania episode. This downturn is a predictable adjustment from the spike observed last week.

Among total viewers, Raw ranked 12th, trailing behind the WNBA Draft and various news broadcasts, maintaining its typical ratings pattern.

Year-over-year comparisons show Raw nearly steady in viewership, down just 0.4 percent, but up seven percent in the 18-49 demographic, highlighting a younger audience compared to the previous year.

When adjusting for households currently without access to the USA Network, the figures adjust to an increase of five percent in viewership and 17 percent in the key demographic.

Viewership details for the three-hour broadcast were:

  • 8 p.m. — 1.93 million viewers
  • 9 p.m. — 1.82 million viewers
  • 10 p.m. — 1.68 million viewers

These statistics illustrate a dynamic landscape in cable television, where WWE Raw continues to be a significant player despite fluctuating ratings and stiff competition.

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